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Why pay more for AAA?

CarDash is offering premium roadside plans at a discounted price.

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Our Signature Motor Club plans are powered by
Allstate Roadside Services.

Basic Plan


(Billed Annually)

5 MILES free tow radius

1 roadside service per year

Locksmith Reimbursement

Exclusive nationwide discounts

Silver Plan


(Billed Annually)

25 MILES free tow radius

2 roadside services per year

$50 Locksmith Reimbursement

Exclusive nationwide discounts

Gold Plan


(Billed Annually)

100 MILES free tow radius

4 roadside services per year

$100 Locksmith Reimbursement

Exclusive nationwide discounts


Cancel for free after your first 7 days - no questions asked!

100% money back guarantee.

ALL PLANS cover these incidents

CarDash roadside plans cover rowing, jumpstarts, flatriresCarDash roadside plans cover fuel delivery, lockouts, winching

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We're more affordable than AAA

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per year




per year





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per year

All our plans are Signature Motor Club plans from Allstate

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More questions?

What kinds of things does a roadside service cover?

Basically, if you're in a jam, we'll help you out! Your car broke down and you need a tow? Can't get it started and need a jump? Need a spare tire installed, or fuel delivered? Hopefully it won't happen, but that's what we're here for. If you have a silver or gold plan and get locked out of your vehicle, you'll get reimbursed for a locksmith to come out and try to open your vehicle for you, too!

Good to know but less exciting: We'll still send a locksmith on the basic plan, there's just no reimbursement. And if you get in an accident, the insurance company would typically have to cover your tow.

Does the service cover my vehicle specifically or any vehicle I'm in?

The Basic and Silver plans cover you while you are a driver or passenger in any vehicle you list on your CarDash account. The Gold plan covers you in any vehicle that you are in.

Can I add family members to my plan?

Family accounts are not yet available but coming soon.

How long will roadside assistance take to arrive?

Non-tow services will arrive within an average of 30 minutes through our national tow provider. Tow services can take up to an hour depending on your location and road conditions. Extraordinary conditions could cause additional delays but are rare.

What if I want to cancel part-way through (I sell my car, etc)

Memberships are renewed on an annual basis and you may cancel any time. There are no refunds for prior annual payments.

What if I need a tow beyond my mileage range?

The Gold plan covers you up to 100 miles at no cost, which is the farthest tow we provide. If you need additional mileage on the Basic (5 miles) or Silver (25 miles) plan, the charge per mile is $6 per mile, pro-rated in 1/10th mile increments.

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